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The Splash Diaries: Meeting the public

So far, Splash has only met the public at 1) the dog park, 2) on a Greyhound Walking Club walk, 3) at the Wine Country circuit at Sampson State Park, 4) walking around the neighborhood. All of those locations have been outdoors, big spaces, distracting but not visually or aurally overwhelming. Yesterday, I took her [...]

The Splash Diaries: Suddenly, a sit

Image via Wikipedia Saturday, October 16 She SITS! Splash has crouched into a sit on the stairs now and then, but this morning by the back door, she sat when I rewarded M. for sitting. I clicked her. Then outside, I asked M. to sit while I picked up poop, and Splash sat, too. We [...]

The Splash Diaries: Camping

Image via Wikipedia Friday, October 1 We’re at the Wine Country circuit on the shores of Seneca Lake in Romulus, NY. Camping. Yesterday, Thursday, it rained from 4am to 10pm. Rain came down in sprinkles, in sheets, in continuous downpour all damn day. Lake effect rain is hard to imagine until you spend a day [...]

The Splash Diaries: week 3, day 17

Image by >>>WonderMike<<< via Flickr Saturday, September 11 I just had to put the girls in crates for a few minutes to settle them down. Now that they are trying to play with each other, I have to spend more time on manners – no full-roar racing up and down the stairs, don’t play with [...]

Splash Diaries – Day 5

Monday, August 30. My first day, my “practice” day at staying home writing all day. The girls spent the day peaceably in their crates after a really long walk this morning. Now it’s almost time for another really long walk before it gets dark and the kamikaze bunnies come out. While I was waiting for [...]