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The Splash Diaries: Meeting the public

So far, Splash has only met the public at 1) the dog park, 2) on a Greyhound Walking Club walk, 3) at the Wine Country circuit at Sampson State Park, 4) walking around the neighborhood. All of those locations have been outdoors, big spaces, distracting but not visually or aurally overwhelming. Yesterday, I took her [...]

Why is balance in dog training a four-letter word?

I commented today (twice) on a blog written by Laurie Luck called the Smart Dog blog, on a post called “A surprising look at balanced dog training.” Many trainers become familiar with operant conditioning at some point in their training lives – and the shorthand for positive reinforcement (R+), negative reinforcement (R-), positive punishment (P+) [...]

Completing circles: what our animals teach us

I’ve been slammed at work for the last couple weeks – twelve hour days do not let me be a good dog (or cat) trainer. Some days, the cuddle time I get with Casey, Madison and Churro is all the interaction we share. I feed them, they eat. We go for walks. We cuddle for [...]