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Moving forward after you lose a dog

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t posted anything here since I posted the tribute to Casey, a few days after I put him down on June 9. It wasn’t because I haven’t been writing – I have – but writing about dogs other than writing about events has been really, really hard. I’ve spent most of [...]

Briarpatch Dash of Cayenne CD NA RAE (Casey): 11/25/1994 – 6/10/2010

Last year, on the 25th of November, I wrote this post to the Versatile English Cocker Yahoo! group to celebrate Casey’s 15th birthday. I wanted to celebrate my old man while he was still enjoying life, rather than post a long memorial to the list on the day that he died. That day was last [...]

Can the best working dog be wrong for me?

I subscribe to a number of email dog-training newsletters. In yesterday’s inbox, this subject line stopped me in my tracks: “Owning a Working Dog – Adam’s Thoughts” A quick look at the article got even more interesting. Before I knew it I was reading and nodding along with the author, Adam Katz, who opened with: [...]

Old dogs and soft snowdrifts

UPDATE 5 January 2010: The snow continues. Syracuse just made the Today show’s first five minutes…because in the last 11 days we’ve accumulated FOUR FEET OF SNOW. I don’t have four feet of snow in the back yard – closer to two feet – but when Madison forgets that she’s a princess and dives head-first [...]

Completing circles: what our animals teach us

I’ve been slammed at work for the last couple weeks – twelve hour days do not let me be a good dog (or cat) trainer. Some days, the cuddle time I get with Casey, Madison and Churro is all the interaction we share. I feed them, they eat. We go for walks. We cuddle for [...]