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A not-quite-happy new year post…

I had a different post planned for today, a happy celebration post. Madison did her very first 12 foot off-angle send to the weaves this morning! One command (go weave!), one signal to three poles stuck in eight inches of drifted powder snow, me standing a good 15 feet away on the other side of [...]

Getting a handle on the crate addiction!

If admitting the problem is the first step, then let’s go: My name is Pat, and I’m addicted to crates. Two weekends ago I moved my Sun Spot vintage trailer to its winter home in my rented garage. I packed some other things to winter over in the garage – my two larger coolers, a lounge [...]

Dog Owner's Survey

On Twitter, @wholedogcamp has been asking people to complete this 10-question Dog Owners survey: One note: if you’ve owned multiple dogs, you should complete a new survey for each individual dog. For me, that meant 8 surveys (Taryn, Jazz, Nola, Muni, Bard, Casey, Reuben and Madison) which took me about 15 minutes, total (~2 [...]

Backyard agility

Image via Wikipedia M. and I are running in FAST next week at the Wine Country Circuit in Romulus NY. So to our regular practices (we’re also in Rally Advanced A) I’ve been adding some simple backyard agility practices. I was inspired by a tweet from @agilitynerd who linked to some of his backyard practice [...]

From the training bag…

I don’t usually write about products when I write about dogs (although a day at February 2009′s Global Pet Expo certainly gave me lots of material!) But today, I’m in my training bag, and I thought I’d share a little happiness and a little dismay. First, the dismay — I noticed yesterday and confirmed today [...]