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Staircases build better dog butts

Strong and flexible butt/lower back muscles are critical for working dogs – but especially for performance dogs who face 15-20 agility obstacles which must be leapt over, climbed and descended in every course, and many times that number in every practice. My Madi is a pretty square little southern belle, and she sometimes isn’t quite [...]

Ch. Kabree Mad About You RA

Image by neilfein via Flickr I’ve been offline for almost a week, camping and trialing at the annual Wine Country Circuit at Sampson State Park in Romulus, NY. After a couple of false starts earlier this summer – shows I’d entered but was too fatigued to compete in – Madison finally got her chance to [...]

Backyard agility

Image via Wikipedia M. and I are running in FAST next week at the Wine Country Circuit in Romulus NY. So to our regular practices (we’re also in Rally Advanced A) I’ve been adding some simple backyard agility practices. I was inspired by a tweet from @agilitynerd who linked to some of his backyard practice [...]

Weaves — On. Her. Own.

When I remember to let my little spotted princess process and think… I get spontaneous weaves. This morning, on the damp grass that gives her the wet toes she hates so much, Miss M. did four poles from a right side send. On one signal. At the end of the poles, after a click and a [...]

When the princess won't get her feet wet…

Last night, in a humid and hot outdoor practice, M’s daily weave practice (and 2×2 entry reinforcement) paid off–I got several good entries, and even a couple runs of 8-12 poles in a row. I even had a little dog who held her stays and was willing to work in the same field with me, [...]