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Friday, October 1

We’re at the Wine Country circuit on the shores of Seneca Lake in Romulus, NY. Camping. Yesterday, Thursday, it rained from 4am to 10pm. Rain came down in sprinkles, in sheets, in continuous downpour all damn day. Lake effect rain is hard to imagine until you spend a day in it. It’s rain that just never quits. It starts, it slows down, it scales up – it’s constant. If it had been snow, we’d still be digging out.

The travel trailer we rented from Roughing it Smoothly is a newish 28 footer, and definitely new to us this year. Everybody else “hates” it, by their own description – it’s not the same as last year’s and change is always bad. But it’s warm, and dry. On Thursday Jill, Dottie and Odette went up to the rings around 7:30 and I stayed here in camp. Madi hates the rain, and I knew she’d be miserable showing in the downpour. Staying home, keeping camp and making a pork chop dinner for everyone may have been the best decision I’ve made this week.

The dogs live in a 10 x 12 foot tent while we’re camping. M. is in a soft Noz2Noz crate, and Splash is in a plastic 500. At least Splash stayed dry; M.’s crate got soaked when the water overflows started running down to the lake, directly through our campsite. I put her crate up on top of Splash and gave her a dry bed.

The only thing that kept water from completely flooding the tent were the tires of the travel trailer, which split the river streaming down the hill into two brooks. The one to the left caught the side of the tent, filling the floor with two inches of water in the back corner. I bailed it out this morning, and in the sun and wind that hit the tent all afternoon, it’s already dry.

Splash woke up barking and howling Wednesday night, protesting her stay in Hotel River View. But the effort of being alert all day on Wednesday and Thursday and being awake most of Wednesday night helped her sleep through the night on Thursday. Maybe she’ll sleep through tonight, too. I filled their crates up with dry blankets, put coats on them (Splash is wearing Jazz’s old green coat) and tented them up with tarps so they’d sleep warm and dry. Hopefully, that will work tonight, too.

This afternoon was warm and sunny, the kind of weather that always makes us think we should camp here. I walked the girls down to the marina through the woods trail – and Splash went into Seneca Lake, investigating the water right up to her chest. If it were warmer, I bet she’d swim. As it was, until the seaweed tangled in her legs, she was more than willing to check out the water. M., the princess, remained on shore.

M. showed like crap. Happy, but inaccurate. Willing to sit on the very wet and muddy ground, willing even to drop – but she was still too out of control to qualify in Rally Advanced. Or maybe she’s telling me that I’m spending too much time working with Ms. Splash and not enough time working with my little spotted princess.

Ah well. Two dogs means balance. I need to get better at that. Meanwhile, I’d better go put my canine campers to bed.

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